Exploring la Provence

Explore the real Provence!

The Massif des Costes boasts a lot of fascinating features. Its provençal villages and its hills are a joy to explore.

With fountains, washhouses, provençal architecture..., come and explore what makes these five provençal villages so charming.

The Massif des Costes also boasts many arts and crafts workshops. Our artists find their inspiration in the provençal countryside and lifestyle.

Your senses will be titillated during your trip to Provence in the Massif des Costes. Come and enjoy our regional produce and provençal products at our markets. Enjoy the scent of thyme and rosemary walking along the hills. Listen to the cicadas in summer and enjoy the cool waters of our rivers, springs and canals. Take in the panoramic vistas on plateaus in Aurons and Vernègues.

The Massif des Costes is an ideal location throughout the year. Each season offers a different countryside.

The Tourism Office fields guided tours of the provençal villages on the Massif des Costes. Contact us for visit dates to organise your holidays in Provence in 2014.


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