The Massif des Costes is centrally located, making it an ideal starting point to visit other sites in Provence.


Stroll around the streets of the old town, visit the museums and soap factories and enjoy the many events organised by town of Salon de Provence, which is only a few kilometres from Massif des Costes.

Tourism Office *** 

56 Cours Gimon - 13300 SALON DE PROVENCE

Tel. + 33(0)4 90 56 27 60


Lambesc boasts a rich heritage and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Maison du Tourisme et de la Culture

2 avenue de la Résistance - 13410 LAMBESC

Tel. +33 (0)4 42 17 00 62


A walk through the village of Lançon-de-Provence is a journey back in time: façades, doors and monuments are ample testimony of its history.

Tourism Office*

Square Vogogna - Avenue Saint Cyr - 13680 LANCON DE PROVENCE

Tel. +33(0)4 90 45 71 32