Living in Provence

The village villages in the Massif des Costes offer a comprehensive range of municipal and shared municipal services along with a very extensive social and charity offering throughout the region.

These provençal villages are ideal for families. There are many schools and kindergartens, libraries and media resources, leisure centres and municipal facilities, along with non-profit organisations offering a huge range of sports and cultural activities for adults and children.

Travel is made easier by the public transport networks “Libébus” and “Cartreize”, which ensure easy movement between villages and the surrounding towns.

There are many services and neighbourhood shops more than happy to open their doors to you. These are places for meeting fellow villagers and help maintain village life.

“The quality of life depends firstly on where you live”. The Aurons village motto could apply to all five villages in the Massif des Costes. Living in Alleins, Aurons, La Barben, Pélissanne or Vernègues means a happy, quiet life, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, but close to practical services we all need every day.

This section covers practical information concerning transport, administration and club activities in the villages along the Massif des Costes.



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