A delight for every sense

Provençal tastes

Boasting goat’s milk cheese, honey, wine, olive oil, truffles, fruits and vegetables, Massif des Costes offers a fascinating livelihood for many.

Come and enjoy a Massif des Costes lifestyle and savour the taste of Provence.

Goat’s milk cheese

Le Massif des Costes lends itself very well to goatherding. The gambol on the hills for the forage that adds such a delicate savour to their cheese.

Cheese is sold directly at farms, on many market stalls and in several restaurants.


Bees also thrive in the garrigue (the name for provençal countryside). The flora in the region ensures a very special aroma to the local honey. Both solid and liquid varieties go very well on bread, on its own or with goat’s milk cheese and as part of your favourite recipes.

Wines and vineyards

The Massif des Costes protects vineyards from the mistral and allows them to make the most of the rich soil and excellent exposure. Regional wines have a Côteaux d’Aix en Provence appellation and are available in three varieties: red, rosé and white. Our wineries are age-old buildings where the vintners of Provence are happy to welcome you and present their passion.

Olive oil

Olive trees are part of what makes the Massif des Costes countryside so beautiful. There are multiple varieties (salonenque, aglandau, grossane) and the expertise of olive oil press workers helps create a range of oils with an unmistakable taste. Olive oil tasting sessions are always a surprise! Discover flavours you would never have expected and learn about this amazing fruit.


There is a lot of secrecy about truffle harvesting. Which other fungus requires an animal to be collected? Truffle dogs or pigs form an incredible team with their handle to find the black diamond. The Tuber Melanosporum is the most widespread in the Massif des Costes and is also the tastiest and most scented truffle.

Clearly, the Massif des Costes is a land of fine cuisine! You’re welcome to visit farmers, stroll through markets and book a table to give your taste buds a holiday in Provence too!

Enjoy the taste of Provence

You can find local produce directly from the grower, at our local markets or on the menu of many restaurants in the Massif des Costes.

Our restaurants will be more than happy to welcome you to enjoy traditional and inventive fine cuisine!


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