Between the Alpilles and the Luberon: Alleins

The village of Alleins is perched between the Alpilles and Luberon ranges. It is an ideal place to stay when discovering Provence. Come and enjoy its 4,000 year-old history, its listed monuments and the festivities that make Alleins a dynamic cultural and sightseeing feature in the region.

The earliest signs of human habitation are some 4,000 years old. Over the centuries Alleins became a vital supply point on the transhumance route towards the Alps and on the salt route. In the 10th century CE a castelas was built on the rock around which houses were built where the current village lies.

The canal built by Adam de Craponne in 1558 led to major developments in farming and still crosses the village. Its banks afford many a pleasant stroll. The village centre also boast Renaissance houses, the St Peter chapel and its Gallo-Roman bas-reliefs, the belfry symbolising the gate to the village and its via crucis culminating in the panoramic view over the Durance valley and the Luberon, along with many other sights.

Provençal culture takes pride of place in the village, for example with the Camarguais bull runs “à la cocarde” in the village arena held throughout the summer.

Alleins will surprise you with its rich heritage, its warm welcome and its dynamism!

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