Half-way between Pélissanne and Salon-de-Provence, Aurons has preserved its provençal character and fully lives up to its name as the “pearl of the Cuech valley”.

Aurons has been occupied since prehistoric times. Celts, Visigoths and Ostrogoths all had settlements here. The 10th century château du Castelas has Roman foundations. Owned in turn by the counts of Provence, the archbishops of Arles and Anthony of Cordoba, the castle was eventually acquired as a nunnery in the 1930s. It was unfortunately destroyed during the Second World War.

In addition to the Castelas rock and the statue of the Virgin who watches over the inhabitants, come and discover a typically provençal village worthy of Pagnol with its church, its washhouse and its two hundred year-old plane tree at the heart of the village – not forgetting the plateau de Sonnailler with its tiny château and the St Martin chapel. There are many walks to be discovered around Aurons.

It is not without reason that the village motto runs as follows: “La qualité de la vie, c’est la qualité de l’endroit où l’ont vit!” (quality of life means the quality of where you live).

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