The provençal village of Pélissanne

Pélissanne is a typical provençal village in the heart of Provence. Remnants of the past blend harmoniously with the present to preserve the charm of its bygone years…

The earliest signs of human occupation in Pélissanne are some 6,000 years old.

Pélissanne was a trading crossroads in Antiquity. It was crossed by the Via Aurelia and other pre-Roman roads. The village was protected in the Middle Ages by a fortified wall. The construction of the Craponne canal helped farming develop around the village.

Many monuments will take you back in time in your walks around the village such as the old village centre, the 16th century belfry, the Pelican fountain and the Jean-Bertrand mill, the testament to the many mills around Pélissanne until the start of the 20th century.

Pelissano is also a festive village that lives at the pace of the seasons and annual events such as the Corso fleuri and Transhumance in spring, bull runs and festivities in summer, the artists salon in autumn and the Christmas fair and provençal songs in winter, not forgetting the Sunday market with its 184 exhibitors that attracts visitors from all around. This year Pélissanne won the golden parasol prize for the quality of its market: a pleasure for all the senses.

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