Tourist Office events

Art exhibitions

The tourist office makes its premises available to local artists. Exhibitions last at least three weeks.


Vin et Voix Festival (Wine and Voices)

Festival Vin et Voix 

Each year in June, the Massif des Costes celebrates the wine and the voices with a Festival. A great opportunity to taste local wines and products and discover the talents of the region.

Vin & Voix Festival 2014 : June 6th & 7th 

2 choirs, 1 solo singer and 2 bands.

Vineyards involved : Château Petit Sonnailler d’Aurons, Cellier St Augustin de Sénas, Domaine de Château Bas de Vernègues, Domaine Ste Philomène de Pélissanne, Les Vignerons de Pélissanne.


discours vin et voix

les Bis Canti et Freno Quichoun

 Pelichante Gospel Flame


Découverte du Massif des Costes rally

Every two years the Tourism Office organises an exploration rally for cars and motorbikes around the five villages to explore and get to know the region better in a fun way!

Contact the tourist office for the next event’s dates.

   Rallye découverte                      rallye découverte

Christmas lights and nativity scene competition

Provençal traditions and Christmas bring generations together. Each year participants are delighted to open their doors to the juries to show their work and share their passion.


Crèche provençale

                           Illumination de Noël                             



Massif des Costes in La Grande Emission on LCM (La Chaîne Marseille)

Broadcast on 31 January 2012, the report on the Salon de la Truffe et de l'Huile d'Olive de Terroir and on the five villages in the Massif des Costes. It’s at the 27th minute!

View the video here!