Holidays and week-end breaks in Provence

Enjoy Provence all year round in Massif des Costes!

For a relaxing holiday or a weekend break in Provence...

Le Massif des Costes in Provence with its hills, five villages and broad plains offers a wide range of activities for all the family – whether on a weekend break on an extended holiday in Provence.

There are many events throughout the year adding colours and life in our provençal villages.

The provençal village of Alleins has long had a passion for bull runs with Camargue bull runs taking place from spring onwards in arènes du Bastidon. The village fête in early August is a great time to witness bull runs in the village streets.

Aurons boasts many events for such a quaint little village including flower shows, bric-a-brac markets and concerts... The boulodrome might be taken for the village centre!

La Barben has something for everyone, from the drama festival to Pop Rock and including a medieval fête and the Barben zoo. This is a provençal village on the move!

Pélissanne Boulègue! As the motto has it, there is always something going on in Pélissanne: the carnival, corso fleuri and floralies flower shows, transhumance and many other events fill the streets.

The main square in Vernègues is a leading venue for events! In the summer there are outdoor grills on Friday evenings, sometimes with a music concert. In Vernègues, festivities are a way of expressing tradition!

Explore Massif des Costes in Provence and its five provençal villages, each with its own events and specific charm. Come for a weekend break or a family holiday. Come and enjoy its events and fêtes, its activities and pastimes in Provence, its unique provençal heritage and provençal arts and crafts, its provençal markets and many other things to see and discover in Provence with the Massif des Costes Tourist Office.


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